Gx16 connector: Everything You Should Know About Gx16 connector

Gx16 connector: Everything You Should Know About Gx16 connector

A gx16 connector is a type of electrical connector commonly used in avionics. It consists of two or more round pins that can be connected to receivers and transmitters. This makes it an ideal choice for power supplies, signal frequencies, and small connectors.

Gx16 connectors are also small enough to fit into tight spaces, making them highly efficient when used in aircraft partitions and bulkheads. The gx16 connector features a bayonet coupling mechanism, which allows the connector to securely lock into place without the use of additional tools or screws.

Additionally, gx16 connectors are designed so that they can be opened and closed multiple times without damaging the internal connection points, giving them added credibility for reliability and longevity in harsh environments.

Overall, gx16 connectors are an important component for avionic applications as they provide versatility and reliability.

With its secure locking mechanism, ease-of-use, and robust durability, gx16 Connectors make an excellent choice for all types of electrical connections.

How does gx16 connector work?

The gx16 connector is a unique type of electrical connector that is often used for aviation and industrial applications.

This type of plug comes with 16 connecting points, which provide superior electrical contact and make it an ideal choice for high-power applications. It is also relatively easy to install and servicing, as the connector has few seals or brackets.

In order to make the connection, two body tubes are first designed onto the components which require power. The two units then quickly connect with each other using a cam locking mechanism which engages when the halves of the connectors are pushed together.

Inside the connector’s body, terminal contacts make contact within both sides of each connector and provide a reliable source of power and data transmission between two pieces of equipment.

By doing so, the gx16 connector makes it possible to quickly, safely, and efficiently transfer electricity between motorized devices within many different industries such as aviation or automotive repair.

Overall, this cleverly designed electrical connector makes it possible to transmit large amounts of electricity between compatible components with ease.

What are the features of gx16 connector


The GX16 connector is a robust, handy and reliable connector that is widely used in automotive and aviation applications. It has 16 pins that are spaced uniformly along each side, making it easy to insert and remove. This type of connector features anti-vibration technology, shielded contacts for reducing corrosion and a locking mechanism for secure connections. The pins are number coded so that two mating connectors can be easily identified for pairing.

Low Contact Resistance

With its low contact resistance and high current rating, the GX16 connector is capable of carrying high currents with minimal electric losses. The top of the connector allows for various accessory cable or wiring systems to be connected without requiring additional adapters.

Quick-Change Connectors

Furthermore, its quick-change connectors eliminate the need for soldering or crimping tools. Thanks to these features, the GX16 provides an easy and secure way to connect electrical components. It's no wonder this versatile connector has become ubiquitous in many industries today!


Gx16 connectors are a great way to ensure a secure connection. They are easy to use and provide a reliable hold. If you are looking for a connector that will not let you down, the Gx16 is the way to go.