Learn Everything About A Frontal Wig

Learn Everything About A Frontal Wig

Buying a Wig for yourself can be a challenge as a huge number of choices are present in front of you. In that case, what is a frontal wig? It means that the material strip onto which the hair is attached runs from ear to ear. This means that you have the liberty to part your hair in almost every way. The material giving an illusion of the scalp ensures that the parting will give a natural look no matter the style.

Lolly Hair, one of the foremost companies to make a name for itself in the hair industry, makes sure that its customers get the best quality Frontal Wigs. The characteristics of this particular type of wig have been given below.

Characteristics Of A Frontal Wig

Every product or every item has some characteristics of its own, and here it is a Frontal Wig. Some of its characteristics have been talked about below.

Can Blend With Natural Skin Color

As it was said before, the strip of material onto which the hair is attached or sewn blends into the natural skin and hairline. Along with blending with your natural skin color, you have the full liberty to style it in any way that you want to.

Can Be Worn For Long Time, Daily, & In Public

These Wigs are lightweight and more comfortable than many of the other options available and that too during the summers because using a wig for a prolonged amount of time, can become a lot uncomfortable. Due to the material used here, this doesn’t happen as the material itself is breathable.

Extra Frontal Lace Can Be Cut To Fit

Frontal Wigs can be Modified by adding extra Frontal Lace to the same, and they can be cut to fit the user’s choice. A Frontal Lace is a Lace material that blends into the user’s natural skin and hairline, thereby assuring that it doesn’t stand out in any manner, but rather gives out a natural look.

Can Be Glued Or Glueless

Frontal Wigs can be of two types, glued and glue less. In glued the Wig is held on the head by using glue under the lacing. When it comes to glue less, the Wigs come with an adjustable back end, straps, side combs, or Frontal combs that are used to wear the Wig behind the ear.

Compatible With Wig Caps Too

Wig Caps act as a protective barrier to protect the sensitive scalp. It also serves the function of keeping the Wig comfortable and secure. Wearing a Wig cap is something that is the user’s preference. These Wigs can be worn with a wig cap, but it is not a necessity as they work fine without Wig Caps as well.

Doesn’t Come Off So Easily

Frontal Wigs are known to stay on the user’s head until and unless the person wants to take them off. This ensures that the wig doesn’t fall off accidentally due to the wind, or by unknowingly pulling it. The customer can rest assured that unless they want to take it off, it will remain on their head.


Being a trusted name in the hair industry, Lolly Hair is the personification of the label, quality along with affordability. They provide the customers with punctual deliveries as well as superior after services. Lolly Hair, knowing that every person has their unique style ensures that everyone finds a wig that suits them so that the customers can rest assured that they won’t be disappointed.