Naughty Wife Where to Escape Review

Naughty Wife Where to Escape Review

Do you think your wife is naughty? Well, not until you read this book “Naughty Wife, Where To Escape.” Unfortunately, there is no even place to escape to!

In the Austin family, there are four daughters, but the lastborn who was considered to be the most ordinary became a wife. The husband was the hottest and richest husband ever. Many women dream to marry handsome and rich men.

She decided to marry the stranger as a way of revenging her ex-boyfriend who was only better in cheating. Indeed, the revenge is a bitter pill to swallow as the ex-boyfriend happens to be her brother-in-law. Well, Issac Andrew, her husband happens to be a shrewd president. He is not ready to be aid her wife’s revenge. Rather, he thinks he has been taken advantage of.

If you are interested in reading amazing romance novels, look no further than “Naughty Wife, Where to Escape.” You might even learn a few skills on how to deal with your ever naughty wife.

Unravelling Romance

Caitlin Austin never thought about meeting Issac Andrews. She met her on brink of death. Isaac Andrews started by asking for her hand in marriage. Although the Austins were equally rich, they were surprised by the turn of events. Austins had invested heavily, but most of their investments failed. As a result, there were about to go bankrupt. Isaac being the president of Quadway Group, would make the Austins regain their lost glory.

Shrewd Business

Although Isaac had everything women needed to fall in love for, he was known to be aggressive and shrewd in business. When it came to women, he was considered to be the most generous man in the world. A woman that came into his world was treated by him as a goddess. However, if he considered you to be useless, that would be the end of it.

Choice of Wife

If Isaac was to marry one of the daughters of Austin, he would go for Betty. That is because all the other two were married. The fourth daughter was considered to be strange and rarely showed up in the public. Nevertheless, all these were just rumors. The mysterious fourth daughter had never been seen by anyone.

Betty could not hide her joy waiting for the marriage proposal from Isaac. In fact, she could not hide her affection. However, Jessica was quite furious because as per the rumors, Isaac was an arrogant person. He never seemed to cast a glance to people he deemed unworthy.

Grand Entrance

As they were having the talk, the front door opened. Everyone was shocked with the turn of events and gazed their eyes at the entrance.  A beautiful girl entered. Well, the girl never expected visitors and she turned to run. She was asked to stop there and greet the guests. Even though she was rebellious and weird, she knew she was called back by the guest.

Final Thoughts

This is a great romance movie for all types of readers. It will keep you in suspense and meet a range of characters with varying traits.