The Function of the Gamepad

The Function of the Gamepad

A gamepad sometimes called a "joypad," is a device used to control games. It's a video game controller that you can hold in both hands and use your thumbs to press buttons on. Gamepads were first made available with gaming consoles as a way for the user to interact with the system.

What is a Gamepad?

A gamepad, joypad, video game controller, or game controller is a device that connects to a console or computer gaming system. It has a lot of buttons and may have one or two small joysticks. A gamepad is used to play many different kinds of video games, like sports games, role-playing games, first-person shooters, and more. You can find various types of gamepads for computers and game consoles in the picture.

The main accessory for console gaming systems like the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo platforms is a gamepad. Like the Nintendo Switch, some portable gaming systems have a gamepad built right into the device. Many gamepads can also be used with a computer. Usually, they connect to the computer through a USB port.

Some gamepads with "haptic feedback" can vibrate to let the player feel some of the action in the game.

In 1985, first Nintendo and then Sega made the first gamepad for use with their video game systems. Since then, people have made and sold many different kinds of gamepads, like easysmx gamepad, but they all still look the same.

Characteristics of a Good Gamepad

A certain gamepad might work well for one game but completely wrong for another. For example, a game controller with a steering wheel might be perfect for a car racing game but useless for a first-person shooter (FPS) game. Serious gamers who play a lot of different games usually have more than one gamepad and use the one that works best for the game they're playing at the moment.


First-generation game controllers were joysticks, which are still popular for flight simulators and air combat games. Some are usable for racing, action/adventure, and sports games. Many steering wheel controllers include foot pedals, making them ideal for driving/racing games and some flight simulators. Gamepads are good for first-person shooters, sports, and arcade-style games.


The throttle is a variable input on most joysticks and gamepads, usually on the third or fourth axis. The throttle may be a slider, wheel, pedal, or variable-pull trigger, depending on the controller.

Number of Axes

An axis is a line drawn through the center of a joystick or gamepad that defines movement directions. All controllers have x- and y-axes (front to back). Some controllers include the z-axis and throttle axis. Depending on the controller type, the third or fourth axes may be called a yoke control, rudder control, or twist control for the method used to activate the axis.

Number of Buttons

All controllers have buttons that fire weapon and perform on/off functions.

Response Type

Two methods track axis motion. Joysticks with proportional response offer finer control because small stick movements result in small onscreen movements. Non-proportional response (typical with gamepads) offers faster response at the expense of fine control. Some controllers allow programmable proportional and non-proportional modes.

End Thoughts

Gamepad has helped lots of gamers to win PC games. Some players have purchased the most expensive game controller, while others are happy to have an affordable but functional gamepad. Your gaming experience is not complete without a gamepad. Is it worth buying for? Definitely yes. But if you cannot afford to buy one, you can settle on what you have on hand.