Why Artificial Hedge Walls Can and Cannot Replace Real Walls

Why Artificial Hedge Walls Can and Cannot Replace Real Walls

Purchasing artificial hedge panels into your home seems like the current trend across most homes. Do not be surprised that those homes you love have grass and arrangements that use artificial grass to beautify their homes. The popularity of fake plant walls and artificial hedges in many homes is surprising, and more people join the bandwagon. If you were ever one of the people that believed that every grass you see is natural, you're wrong. The fake plants are cheaper, quicker, and have many advantages, so people tend to choose them easily. However, the popularity of artificial plants has sparked some debates amongst experts and consumers.

Some believe a fake plant wall can replace an actual plant, while others disagree. The truth is fake plants, and natural plants are not the same. The only thing that makes people compare both fake and real plants is their appearance. Both fake and real plants look alike, and it will take an expert with some experience to be able to tell the difference without touching them. While both can't replace each other completely, there are some things that both can't do for themselves. In this guide, we want to explore why fake plants can replace natural plants and why they can't. Let's go!

Why can fake plants replace real ones?

Let's examine why you can use a fake plant wall instead of a natural plant wall.

Technology improvements

When fake plant walls were newly created, you could tell the difference from miles away just from its appearance. But after years of existence, manufacturers now know how to make their fake plant walls look exactly like an actual plant. It has gotten to the extent that if you do not feel the plant, you may not exactly get that it's fake. Therefore, because of unlimited technology improvements, you can replace the walls with a fake plant wall.

Looks great regardless of the condition

When you compare a fake plant wall to the real one, a significant advantage for the artificial option is its appearance. Regardless of the present and future weather conditions, a fake plant wall will always retain its appearance. Unlike an actual plant that during harsh weather conditions can get very ugly and scatter the aesthetics.

Why can't fake plants replace the real ones?

There are some things a fake plant can never have that natural plants have; this includes;

Providing oxygen

One of the main reasons we need plants in the world is oxygen production in the environment. These are significant perks of a natural plant wall to help purify the air you breathe. You can't get this with a fake plant.

It can't grow on its own

Installing a fake plant in your home is a one-time thing. What you installed is what you have until you decide to remove it. For an actual plant, on the other hand, there is room for growth over time, but you will require more maintenance.


While an artificial hedge may replace a real one in some light, it can't replace some features. We have discussed where the artificial hedge can come in and where it can't in this guide.